state expungement laws

  • Choosing a Lawyer

    How Do You Pick a Good Lawyer?

    If you are a convicted felon, a lawyer can help you greatly. It is difficult to argue your case against a team of experienced government prosecutors, in the first place. Because of this, many people will pay the lawyer retainer fee or the average attorney hourly rate to get professional representation. In fact, the rise of no win, no pay…

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  • Life After Release

    How to Expunge a Felony

    According to a study in 2010, nearly eight percent of the population has a felony conviction. This comes with a felony on record for life, unless actions are taken to have them removed or the records sealed. California, Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington remove a felony from record after seven years. In…

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