• Photo of What are Violent Felonies?

    What are Violent Felonies?

    A crime of violence is a crime in which a person, also called the offender/perpetrator, uses/threatens to use force upon another person, also known as the victim.

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  • Photo of State Burglary Laws

    State Burglary Laws

    Burglary and robbery are often confused or used interchangeably, but each constitutes a different crime. One of the main differences between the two crimes is that a robbery can take place anywhere, while burglary involves illegally entering a structure. Both crimes are two of the most commonly committed felonies. The third crime in this category is theft. For a robbery…

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  • Photo of 14 of the Most Common Felonies

    14 of the Most Common Felonies

    Committing a felony crime can put a black mark on your record that could potentially last a lifetime. Unfortunately, as serious as a felony crime is, they are widespread, and often the guilty party has no idea that they are committing a felony. So, to help sort it all out, below is a list of 14 of the most common…

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  • Photo of What You Need to Know About Money Laundering

    What You Need to Know About Money Laundering

    During early 2019, many media outlets covered the Lori Loughlin money laundering case. The now-infamous actress bribed officials at the University of Southern California. In turn, Loughlin and her husband expected them to admit their daughters to the school as athletes. The problem is, however, that money laundering is a serious charge that hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans face.…

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  • Photo of What is a Felony?

    What is a Felony?

    We all know that felonies are the worst of the worst. There are little crimes, misdemeanors, and tickets you can get, but having a felony on your record is considerably more serious. There are quite a few crimes that qualify, as well as possible punishments that come with them. It's important to be completely aware of the law, your rights…

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