• Photo of What are Violent Felonies?

    What are Violent Felonies?

    A crime of violence is a crime in which a person, also called the offender/perpetrator, uses/threatens to use force upon another person, also known as the victim.

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  • Photo of What Are Hate Crimes?

    What Are Hate Crimes?

    A hate crime can be pretty much any type of crime against someone, as long as it has one element: the perpetrator committed the crime because of a bias they hold against someone's race, sex, religion, gender identity, disability, or nationality.

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  • Photo of Is Sexual Assault a Felony?

    Is Sexual Assault a Felony?

    Sex crimes are some of the most serious violent crimes, often resulting in felony charges, the need to register as a sex offender, and long-lasting consequences. It's also nearly impossible in most states to ever remove the charges from a criminal record, and being on a sex registry is also pretty permanent. This may be one of the more difficult…

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