life in prison

  • Violent Crimes

    Everything to Know About Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter

    It's pretty well known that murder is bad, and it comes with a lot of heavy consequences. However, are you aware of all of the different forms of murder?

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  • Your Rights

    Currently Housed Inmates and Early Release

    The criminal justice system punishes wrongdoers for their crimes. Equally as important, the objective behind incarcerating felons revolves around making them better people that will not commit the same offenses in the future. Because of this, currently housed inmates might walk out free or successfully reduce their sentence after they demonstrate good behavior. Prisoners who are guilty of all types…

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  • Drug and Alcohol Crimes

    What is a Felony?

    We all know that felonies are the worst of the worst. There are little crimes, misdemeanors, and tickets you can get, but having a felony on your record is considerably more serious. There are quite a few crimes that qualify, as well as possible punishments that come with them. It's important to be completely aware of the law, your rights…

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