• Photo of When is Arson a Felony?

    When is Arson a Felony?

    Arson, while a form of property crime, is taken incredibly seriously, as it can be incredibly dangerous. The reasons arson may be committed may differ, but it comes with high risk of public safety, and the law treats it accordingly.

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  • Photo of Property Crime Overview

    Property Crime Overview

    The main purpose of theft-type crimes is to take money. However, these crimes are carried out without using any force or threatening to use force against the victim.

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  • Photo of 14 of the Most Common Felonies

    14 of the Most Common Felonies

    Committing a felony crime can put a black mark on your record that could potentially last a lifetime. Unfortunately, as serious as a felony crime is, they are widespread, and often the guilty party has no idea that they are committing a felony. So, to help sort it all out, below is a list of 14 of the most common…

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